His Organization


Pandit Prosenjit Poddar is the Founder Secretary of Hindusthan Art & Music Society.

Hindusthan Art & Music Society was established in the year 2010, is an international board of examination for Indian Art & Culture, established by the great maestros of Indian Music in the world, with a view to popularize and teach Indian Classical music amongst the masses in India. It is also ISO 9001:2015 certified International Examination Board of Indian Art & Culture. The basic object of the society has always been to revive the prestige of the art of music comprising vocal music, instrumental music, and dance and to organize systematic training in this art in India and also in foreign countries, besides reaching it to people at large. With this end in view, the Society had been devotedly applying itself to solid work.

Percussionist Pt. Prasenjit Poddar’s organization is a unique platform that is committed to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of India. This organization is not your typical musical band but rather a group of passionate and dedicated artists who aim to inspire and educate people through their music. The organization is rooted in the traditional rhythms and beats of India, and this is evident in its commitment to teaching people about the cultural significance of the songs they perform.

Through numerous workshops and master classes, the organization has been able to reach out to hundreds of people worldwide with the message of preserving India’s cultural heritage. One of the unique aspects of his organization is how they approach music-making. The organization emphasizes authenticity, originality, and innovation in all its performances. The musicians blend traditional and contemporary styles to create a unique sound that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Moreover, the organization also provides a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talents and get valuable exposure in the music industry. This not only helps young artists to launch their careers but also contributes to the organization’s mission of preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. Finally, the organization is committed to collaborating with other musicians and organizations to promote cultural diversity and understanding. Through partnerships and collaborations, his organization has been able to reach out to diverse audiences and spread awareness about India’s cultural heritage.


INSPIRING NEW Generations Through Sound.

In conclusion, his organization is an invaluable platform that is dedicated to preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. The organization’s commitment to authenticity, originality, and innovation has endeared it to audiences worldwide, and its efforts to inspire and educate people about the significance of traditional music are a testament to its dedication to this mission. Through its collaborations and partnerships, the organization is set to continue its work toward preserving India’s cultural heritage for future generations.